Vintage Beef
Cuts Available

Lomo Bajo Dry Aged (Bone In Striploin)

For you chefs or butchers who want to dry-age and bring out extra flavour. How about that marbling?

Txuleton (OP Rib)

Have you ever heard that beef cooked on the bone tastes better? Give it a go on the bbq or try the reverse sear method.

Lomo Alto (Cube Roll)

The perfect combination of tenderness and flavour – A forgiving steak for any cook. #spinalis

Paleta (Oyster Blade)

Cut from the shoulder, Oyster blade can be roasted or cut into steaks. Trim it into a flat iron steak for tenderness to impress that special someone.

Costillar (Short Rib)

Cook in your kettle, your offset, your oven – Low ‘n’ Slow – And watch em’ as their eyes pop!

Lomo Bajo (Striploin)

Did you know the striploin and the cube roll share the eye muscle along the back of the animal? Aka the Porterhouse or NY Strip Steak.

Filete (Tenderloin)

Yes its true, the Eye Fillet has less flavour but OMG this stuff is tender. Perfect for Mother’s day roast.

Pecho (Brisket)

Eight years just hanging, tenderizing and laying on fat. This grass fed point end takes smoked brisket to the next level.

Aguayon Superior (Rump Cap)

The Brazilians can’t get enough of Picanha. If only the animal had more than two rump caps – cooked over fire and you can’t go wrong.

Lomo Corto (Shortloin)

Alternative to the Bone-in Striploin. Enjoy the best of both worlds either side of the bone.

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